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·       Relaxation (Calms stress when placed on the chest or abdomen.)

·       Muscular Pain (And also certain areas of the body with “chronic pain or inflamation.”)

·       Sleeplessness (A hot water bottle at the feet switches on the body's sleep mechanism.)

·       Lower Back Pain               

·       Toothache

·       Neck Pain

·       Ear Ache

·       Arthritic Pain (With application of oils.)

·       Cramps (Including menstrual cramps, and muscle cramps in the extremities of the body.)

·       Digestion (Increases hydrochloric acid which helps digestion when placed on the stomach)

·       Surgeries that do not heal.  (With application of oils.)

·       Old injuries that do not heal, including ankle sprains. (With application of oils.)

·       Cancer Pains (There are claims that cancer thrives in cold oxygen depleted states.)


Heat and how it works In 30 minutes    

Injured areas of the body with pain are cold at the source. The hot water bottle applies high heat above the normal body temperature of the body. Heat opens up circulation and increases blood flow by opening up blood vessels that supply nutrients, and most importantly, oxygen to injured area. The water in the bottle will slowly come down in temperature to a normal level with the rest of the body in 30 minutes. When applied daily, people find that they start feeling better. Some claim to be healed. (Note: Heating pads are not recommended for the above, as they stay at a constant heat. The Hot Water Bottles cools down with the body in 30 minutes to a normal body temperature.)


Application of Oils & Massage        

Through the ages, the application of oils and massage, especially with the Edgar Cayce readings, are proven to be effective. Castor oil packs, mineral oil, olive oil, and basically all oils massaged on the body, and then, application of the hot water bottle are held in high regard with those that claim to have been healed with improved blood circulation.



Fill the hot water bottle with hot water straight from the faucet. Place a T-shirt or a thin towel between the hot water bottle and the skin. Apply for no more than 30 minutes.


Cold Packs or Ice Bags for New Injuries or Bruises   

When one has a new injury, sprain, swelling, or bruising, the application of an icepack will reduce the blood flow to the injured area. It is shown to reduce swelling & pain when applied for 20 minutes, take a break, and apply again for 20 minutes. (Sport injuries are common.) After 24 hours you can now apply heat, as with the Hot Water Bottle.


Chronic Pain     

It has been found that “chronic pain” is inflammation at its source. New recent studies have found that a “common organism,” at a microscopic level, proliferates in the area of pain according to the Internet. The area is “acidic” and “depleted of oxygen,” and at its core, the temperature is lower than the rest of the body. In other words, the blood flow is not circulating properly, and vital nutrients and oxygen is not reaching the source of pain or injury. Internally, the area has a “Candida” infestation.


What is Candida Albicans?     

Most individual are not aware of Candida Albicans. It is part of the “good & bad bacteria” in the “gastrointestinal system” that helps digestion and helps maintain a healthy body. The bad bacteria (candida) is “acidic,” and the good bacteria is “alkaline.” An inexpensive PH Balance (Litmus paper test) measures your levels of acidity and alkalinity. A healthy normal level is 7.0, but unfortunately, most Americans are below. The consensus on the Internet state that if you are below 7.0, it is just a matter of time before Candida manifests at your points of least resistance. (Your weak areas of the body.) The Candida thrives on sugars, starches, and oxygen depleted processed foods. Live alkaline foods, such as vegetables and fruits are needed to balance the body at 7.0. (Read more at www.bluegembooks.com for a free extensive article on this subject.)


Common Use        

Growing up where people worked hard every day, straining their muscles; the hot water bottle was a common household item in my childhood. To this day, many professional dancers carry one everywhere they perform. It is also common for athletes to carry one in their suitcase to reduce pain, as they travel from game to game. And of course, everyone who works hard, straining their muscles, should utilize the benefit of this simple application. The most common use is to apply it when one is watching T.V.



Treat the hot water bottle with respect and away from children. Most hot water bottles are very sturdy and durable under normal conditions. Keep in mind that due to carelessness, they can burst, and the hot water can burn and cause injury.


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