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The following articles have been research on the Internet, and the reader is encouraged to double check all the information contained, as most people are too busy with their lives until they get very sick. At that point they only settle for what medical science has to offer, not realizing that they have two other valid choices in medicine. Unfortunately, there are over 200 major illnesses that for the past 50 years, science has not found a cure. These are the "Immune System Failure Diseases" and "Autoimmune Diseases."


“Must Read Articles”



Candida, Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases


This is an amazing article that will fascinate you, as to what has been recently discovered by the “New Doctors of Medicine.” It is common sense! Yet, for over 50 years we have not been able to find a cure for over 200 Autoimmune Diseases; most importantly, Cancer. This is all “investigative research” from around the World, found on the Internet. If you or someone you know is sick, you must read this article. Please share with your loved ones, and friends. (Click here to read this important article.)



“Hot Water Bottle”

For thousands of years it has been common knowledge that the principle of the “hot water bottle” is sometimes more efficient than other applications of medicine. Ancient tribes used goat skins filled with hot water and applied to areas of “aches & pains” producing tremendous results. Why is it that our modern electrical heating pads do not seem to benefit in the same way, although they may provide momentary comfort? Why is it that many home applications still provide great results often ignored by the medical profession? Learn the simple secret of the “Hot Water Bottle.”  (Click here to read this article)




This information and all articles are solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. This is all public information found on the Internet, which has been “researched,” in an investigative manner. However, everyone is encouraged to “double check” and do their own research, as many claims and testimonials may not be approved by the FDA, or have merit. This information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider. If you are presently taking prescribed medication, always consult with your doctor before trying unfamiliar products mentioned in these articles, or those found on the Internet.



Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Scientific Medicine


There are three major approaches to medicine, with all other minor forms of medicine branching off from these three:


·       Natural Medicine: Whereby only living organisms found in nature are allowed into the body. This is considered “live medicine” or “common sense” medicine.


·       Holistic Medicine: Concentrates more on the mental & emotional, which then affects the Physical within the realm of a spiritual frequency. Positive thinking, right attitude, affirmations & prayer does affect the "core" of the atom. (Miracles do occur.)


·       Scientific Medicine: There are two methods used, which are Drug Application and Mechanical. One is the use of drugs, created in the laboratory. This is considered “synthetic medicine” or "dead medicine," as one cannot patent, control, or claim ownership of that which is found in nature. As such, Science has created in a laboratory many life-saving drugs that are beneficial to humanity.


The second method used is the truly amazing things that science has developed. This is more on the “mechanical end” so to speak. (Microscopic surgery, brain surgery, corrective surgery, laboratory and blood analysis, heart transplants, and the lists go on with this science of the future.)


The "three approaches to medicine" are equally valid and should be researched by the reader.


The Hippocratic Oath of Medicine

“Let thy food be thy medicine, let thy medicine by thy food.”


A few years ago, there was a time when doctors would use natural, holistic, and scientific medicines; sometimes in combination in order to help the patient with great results. There is a new “Renaissance in Medicine” where the consumer is becoming more health conscious, as seen in social-media, evening news; and most importantly, the Internet. All three will once again benefit mankind!


The Internet is now the main source for information by professionals and nonprofessionals; whereby, everyone is now free to research and gain vital information to make clear decisions with these Three Approaches to Medicine.



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