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Candida, Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases


When we get into older age we start to believe that pain, ailments, and slowing down, are all part of the aging process. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to believe this, which is only partly true. Especially when our doctors tell us that there is no cure for a specific “autoimmune disease.” (Young people in their 20’s & 30’s are also experiencing these ailments? Why is that, we may ask? They are not in older age. They are still young!)  


Many of the “New Doctors of Medicine” are now claiming that this can all be reversed by simple inexpensive self-analysis & application. (The contents of this Article will amaze.) 


Did you know that a common “organism” causes the following?

Fatigue, memory lapses, sleepy during the day, brain fog, skin problems, joint and muscular pains, loss of sex drive, sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, mood swings, agitation, quick to anger, no patience, prostate problems, rectal itch, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, cold hands & feet, flu symptoms, obesity, along with many other conditions. (These are attributed to the aging process by medical science, but in reality, according to the “New Doctors of Medicine,” it is an overgrowth of Candida Albicans in our system.) Have you ever heard of “Candida” or a simple PH Balance Test? (Read on.)


This Article on “Candida, Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases” came together from different sources, the “New Doctors of Medicine,” and research on the Internet. This is all “public information” that you can access. Please read it in its entirety, as we all tend to “dismiss or reject” without actually reading the contents. This is human nature, we all do this!


I made this error, and I could have averted a medical crisis if I had taken 10 minutes to read certain pertinent information. Doctors in general do the best they can under the “conditions and requirements” set by the “powers that be.” They are not responsible for our health, you & I are responsible for it. We must stop blaming our doctors, and work together, by becoming knowledgeable. The information contained, right to the very last page, may save your life or someone you love. Consult with your doctors! You now have this amazing free information to help others. Please “pay it forward” and share!


Please Read Disclaimer Before Proceeding

None of the products referenced in this article are meant to heal, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. This is all free information for the general public found on the Internet, which may not be scientifically proven or approved by the FDA. It is important to consult with your Doctor or Health Care Practitioner for your individual health needs, as this article is only meant to inform, educate, and entertain.


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Is Candida Albicans at the Root of all Unsolved Autoimmune Diseases?


1.     1. Stress is the 80% cause that generates illness.


2.     2. Stressful individuals, in almost all cases, are acidic.


3.     3. Stressful individuals crave sugars and starches. (Pasta, breads, rice, potatoes, etc. They also crave processed foods, fast foods, and take-out restaurants.)


4.     4. Candida grows and gets excited releasing toxins that cause cravings for more sugar and starches. (This is the source of food addiction or craving for certain wrong food items.)


5.     5. Candida now starts to invade the entire body. (Current findings in the last year now reveal this. It has been found in every part of the body including the brain.)


6.     6. Candida finds its way to the points of least resistance in your body. (Your weak areas.)


7.     7. Candida mimics the host cells. This is why it has not been detected before. With new technology it has been found to mirror the good cells creating damage undetected.


8.     8. Currently, there is a big debate within medical science as to whether cancer, in reality, is a fungus. It is common knowledge that Candida is a fungus, and current discoveries show that Candida eats the red and white cells in the same manner that cancer does.


9.     9. The question: “Is cancer a mutated form of Candida?” Medical science is now trying to confirm.


10.  Candida and cancer both thrive on the following:

a.     Both thrive in an acidic state or environment.

b.     Both feed on sugars and starches.

c.     Both thrive in an oxygen depleted state.

d.     Both eat healthy red and white cells.

e.     Both attack every part of the body.


There are over 200 autoimmune diseases that Science does not have a cure for. It is now theorized that the root of all illness or disease that medical science cannot find a cure is related to an infestation of Candida, especially in autoimmune diseases. This is where the good cells are also attacking healthy red and white blood cells. Doctors are on the cutting edge of unraveling this mystery. They claim that in actuality, it is not a good cell attacking healthy cells; it is the evil Candida mimicking the good cell, thus eating healthy red and white cells. It mirrors the good cell and has gone undetected for over 50 years. This recent theory has merit but as yet, it has not been scientifically proven, and may take a few years to be accepted by the FDA.


(Candida albicans originates as part of the “good and bad bacteria in the “gastrointestinal tract.”)




PH-Balance Stripes

(Self-Test for “Acidic & Alkaline” Levels / The First Most Important Step!)


·       Has your Doctor or any medical professional, including Pharmacists ever tell you about PH Balance strips? Probably not. For many years, it has been one of the most kept secrets in the medical industry. Even now, if you go to a pharmacist, or ask a pharmacist assistant, even some nurses, and amazingly, some doctors will not know what you're talking about. It is a piece of Litmus Paper that accurately checks your “acidic & alkaline” levels. (Candida thrives in an acidic environment.)


·       Internet sources state that almost every ailment or abnormality in the body can be traced back to the PH-Balance of “acidity and alkaline” in the body; most significantly, the gastrointestinal tract (the gut). This can be checked every morning prior to drinking or eating by placing a strip of PH-Balance paper in the mouth. This will tell you where you register at the present regarding “acidity and alkaline” in the upper stomach. (Google: PH-Balance Strips, or Acid & Alkaline.)


·       You can also test the urine upon waking up, and the results will tell you where you have been in reference to your PH-Balance within the past few weeks.


·       A balanced normal level is 7.0.


1.    If you are below 7.0 you are susceptible to all types of illness at your points of least resistance (your weak points), as Candida Albicans has overrun your body putting you in an acidic state. You need to build up your alkaline level with alkaline rich foods. Specifically live foods such as vegetables & fruit. (Research the Internet: Google: alkaline foods, or acidic foods.)


2.    If you are above 7.0 reading at about 8.0+, it now shows that you may be in a state of “alkalosis,” which means that you may be producing ammonia in the urine, and you may also be mineral deficient. (Google: alkalosis, also: alkalosis mineral deficiency, also: ammonia in the urine.)


·       Candida Albicans In Other Parts Of the Body

The above tests will give you accurate readings for the upper stomach area and the urinary tract. It is important to understand that you may still be acidic in the other extremities of your body, especially if you are overweight. Fungus in your toenails, gout, arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, joint problems, skin problems, yeast infections, body odor, vision problems, including dementia and Alzheimer's are just a few of the numerous conditions of infestation of Candida Albicans.


The “new doctors of medicine” are also finding that at the root of all “chronic pain,” Candida will be found. (Inflammation, which causes pain, is an acidic condition.) Another amazing discovery is that in all autoimmune diseases, (which science has no cure to date), after being tested with the PH-Balance strips, in almost all cases, will be found to be acidic, or in a state of alkalosis. (Autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, all arthritic conditions; these are just a short sample of autoimmune diseases. If you have an autoimmune disease, it is time to check your PH balance and eliminate Candida)


·       The Three Approaches To Medicine

Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Scientific Medicine are “the three approaches to medicine. Why is it that we always have to have scientific proof in medicine? Why can't we accept natural proof, or holistic/spiritual proof? All three are valid, and all three have merit, according to the new doctors of medicine.


·       Being Overweight & False Hungers (Candida)

Candida creates false hungers. Why is it that sometimes we gorge ourselves on a big meal, and afterwards, we are still hungry, usually craving sugar/sweets? Think of Candida similar to a swarm of bees, but at a microscopic level. The false hunger comes when this swarm becomes agitated for “sugars or starches.” This creates the false hunger. You are not hungry; the Candida swarm is hungry! (According to the Internet, hot green tea, or 2 tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water, reduces this hunger sensation. Later, you get a normal hunger.)


·       Where To Purchase PH-Balance Strips Now!  (Most important first step!)

As stated above, most pharmacies may not know what you're talking about when you request PH balance strips to check your “acid and alkaline” level. On the Internet, there are many stores, along with your local pharmacy. You can also find them at the Walmart or Amazon Website. (See the last page on this article.)


Check the following PH Balance Strip requirements:

o   They should be color coded. From a reddish, or dark orange up to green, and up to blue. 7.0 registers in the green zone. (Most strips are an orange color. When placed in the mouth, the strip changes to a different color, accordingly. A color code chart comes with your purchase.)


o   Do not buy the light grey to black reading strips. Color is more distinct!


o   Some of the strips will have a range scale of 3.0 to 10.0. If you want a more extended reading, you can get a larger range scale. All are fine!


o   Price range $9 to $20 for 200 strips (As of this writing.) See the last page.


The “Genie” That Will Answer Every Question You Ask

The Internet is amazing! You now have control of your health and your lives! If you ask the right question, the Internet will come up with the answer. Basically, all this amazing information you are reading was researched on the Internet. Always use “Holistic Cure” or “Natural Cure” for each item; otherwise, you will get a scientific answer, which usually states that “there is no cure.” You will soon find that there are Natural & Holistic cures.

You must take control and get rid of Candida Albicans by self-analysis & application!




“30 Year Build Up Of Candida Albicans”


More information is now being publicized with the supplements that are now being utilized for good health. (These supplements work together to eliminate Candida)

1. Oregano Oil with at least 70% to 80% carvracol,

2. Turmeric  (spice rack at grocery stores, or capsules.)

3. Enzymes

4. Fish oil

5. Probiotics (Kefir Milk)


The new doctors are now saying that Candida, the bad bacteria, starts accumulating in the large intestine from our early youth, all the way into older age. (We are supposed to have a perfect balance of “good & bad bacteria” in order to function and digest properly. Unfortunately, Candida, the bad bacteria starts to grow rapidly with the ingestion of sugars, starches, and unhealthy foods creating an acidic oxygen depleted imbalance.)


The adult large intestine is approximately 30 feet long, and it takes about 30 years of accumulation of Candida where it now starts overflowing and invading other parts of the body. It is theorized that this results in cancer, heart disease, colitis, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, obesity, dementia, MS, and all other autoimmune diseases in middle or older age, which can be catastrophic. (Unhealthy eating habits can affect young people, too.)


Amazingly, these five supplements are found on the Internet with astounding claims of healing. The new doctors were promoting one item at a time on T.V., but now, many are combining all five. Many older skeptical doctors are also seeing results.


The supplements work with most individuals, between one to two months, unfortunately some stop taking as soon as they feel better. Most individuals do not realize that only part of the large intestine was cleaned out, but the Candida starts growing back again. This is what causes relapses. The new doctors point out, to please remember, that your large intestine is 30 feet long and it has taken about 30 years to accumulate, then it now contaminates & manifests in other parts of the body. It has to be cleaned out thoroughly!


One recommendation on the Internet is that people take the supplements until they feel well. Take a one or two week break, and then take the five supplements again for 4 to 8 weeks. Take another break and do it again until the entire large intestine is cleaned and balanced with the “good & bad” bacteria, which is the way it is supposed to be. You do not have to go on a special diet during this process, unless you are extremely ill or overweight, but you may want to start on a “Simple Diet.” You must definitely cut down on sugars, starches, and processed foods. (Read labels on products.)


    Once the large intestine is completely cleaned out, you should be able to eat what you want, or what you ate at the age of thirty, and feel like a young person again.





The Main Cause of Cancer is "immune system failure."

(This includes all “Immune Deficiency Diseases & Autoimmune Diseases” that Science has no cure)


Causes:           1. Poor Diet & Lack of Water causing "Candida" yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract.

                        2. Environmental Toxins

                        3. Genetically Modified Foods/Organisms (GMO’s) or animals that are fed GMO’s.

                        4. Antibiotic excess intake (without using probiotics to compensate)

                                    A. Lack of oxygen in the blood. (Deep breathing exercises recommended)

                                    B. Preservatives & Artificial Dyes (in processed foods, sugar drinks, candy, soda)

                                    C. Toxic overload from food, air, water, ground.


"Build up the Immune System"

(There are over 200 “immune deficiency diseases & autoimmune diseases” including cancer.)

Food items known to repair and detoxify the “immune system

1.     Raw vegetables (Certain vegetables can be lightly cooked. Heat kills much needed enzymes.)

2.     Smoked or regular Gouda Cheese. (One small 2 inch slice a day provides vitamin K.)

3.     One small Roma Tomato a day. (provides lycopene, which helps fight cancer)

4.     Raw leafy green vegetables finely cut or juiced provide chlorophyll. (oxygen for the red blood cells)

5.     1 tablespoon of "almond butter." (Or three almonds a day are a deterrent to cancer.)

6.      Turmeric. (A natural anti-inflammatory. A spice used in India and other countries. At least 1 teaspoon or more a day. Add to soups, salads, juices, milk, green tea, coffee, etc.)

7.     Broccoli. (Bring a pot full of water to a boil, add broccoli, bring back to a boil for 1 min. Eat one stem at each meal. Clean out metals, toxins. Also dioxins/agent orange used in Vietnam.)

8.     Cabbage. (Cut up in small pieces similar to coleslaw, eat some at each meal. At least 2 tablespoons or more. Cleans out metals, toxins and dioxins.

9.     Pinto beans, red beans & black beans (All beans clean out toxins and metals.)

10.  Water! Water! Water! Minimum of 8 glasses a day!.... Flush out Candida Die off & Toxins.


The Caveman Simple Diet

This is not really a diet, but the manner that society ate before processed foods were introduced to the public. But if you are battling an "Immune Deficiency Illness" it is important to eliminate all sugar and carbohydrates immediately. High “Water Intake” is essential. The diet consists of the following:

·       60% (to 80%) Raw vegetables as in different types of salad combinations using certain vegetables for different meals. (20% can be lightly cooked vegetables)

·       Fish, poultry, lamb, (or beef) at two different meals, or all three. You can substitute nuts, beans, lentils, legumes, or other protein vegetables. The portion of protein you eat should be the size of your hand. The rest is the 80% vegetables. (Helps rebuild muscle, bone and nerve endings)

·       Cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. (No processed oils. Must be pure.)

·       Stay away from all processed foods. (Especially, fast food restaurants)

·       Be sure you only buy what you intend to purchase. For example: if you are buying shrimp, make sure the package contents reads: “Shrimp.”  If it has other ingredients you are not buying shrimp, you are buying “additives" along with the shrimp.

·       Eliminate all white foods (starches) except for cauliflower, fish, and in some cases, milk.

·       Eliminate all sugars, including fruit and juices until you detoxify. (Candida thrives on sugars!)

·       Oxygenate the body: exercise, deep breathing, yoga, or even walking in place in front of the TV.

·       With this system you can eat as much as you want. Once your immune system builds up, you can treat yourself with 10% of whatever you like to eat. Eventually, you will detoxify!


The Internet, Websites, Blogs, along with all the New Doctors of Medicine indicate that some (but not all) may experience “Candida Die Off” which releases toxins, causing gas & bloating. This indicates that you are highly contaminated and are detoxifying. Drink plenty of water!  This will eventually subside.


If it is not natural in Mother Nature, or raised from the ground, it should not be put into your body!




(Suggested Samples of the Five Supplements or the Equivalent)

Nature's Way Oregano Oil Standardized

 Nature's Way Oregano Oil Standardized (70% Carvacrol) –With no additives- 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Vitacost Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 Complex® with Bioperine®

Vitacost Turmeric Extract (with no additives)-- 800 mg or higher- 200 Capsules

Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme®

Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme® -- 200 Tablets (The best according to Internet Sources)

Nature's Bounty Odorless Fish Oil, 1000mg, Softgels

Fish Oil - Nature's Bounty (or other brands) Odorless, 1000mg, Softgels - 200 ea.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion™

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion Probiotic -- 60 Vegetable Capsules


Kefir Cultured Milk (Powerful Probiotic) from your supermarket dairy section.

If you prefer, you can use Kefir Milk with at least 10 or more “live and active” cultures. One quart will last about a week by taking one large swallow a day. The plain Kefir is similar to unsweetened yogurt. You may want to start with the flavored sweetened Kefir.


For best results: Also take “Kefir probiotic” or “ultimate flora probiotic” before going to bed to replenish the gut; along with after meals. Kefir is less expensive. presently has best prices as of this writing. (Check other websites on the Internet.) You may want to stay with these suggested brands to start with. (Or the equivalent) Oregano Oil, Mega-Zyme, and either of the 50 Billion Ultimate Flora/or Kefir Milk. The Turmeric & Omega-3, you may replace with other brands. (You must take all 5 supplements for effective results, this is critical. The Internet Consensus indicates this.)



"Suggested General Instructions To Eliminate Candida"


Important First Step - PH Balance Strips: It is important to check your saliva & urine "Acidic & Alkaline Levels" upon waking up in the morning, prior to drinking any fluids or food intake. If you already read 7.0, the extremities of your body can still be acidic, especially the joints, feet, nerve endings, eyes, skin, and even the brain. (Purchase online, pharmacy, or at the Walmart Website) Google: PH Balance Strips


“Let thy food be thy medicine, let thy medicine be thy food” (The Hippocratic Oath)

Vitamins and supplements are not drugs and should not be treated like drugs, as drugs are foreign to the physical body, and one can overdose. Whereas, the ingestion of common foods provides nutrients to the body with great benefits. For example: Turmeric is a “root” similar to garlic, ginger, onions, radishes, carrots, etc., with super great benefits. How much garlic can you eat, or how many carrots, onions, or turmeric can you eat? It is all up to you! The question is how much of the “Candida Die Off” can you handle? The following is a guide with minimal intake for someone with a light case of Candida Albicans.


1.     Oregano oil (70% Carvacrol): Take one capsule right before meals three times a day. (Scientific Studies have proven that it also; completely eliminates parasites in six weeks. Check the Internet) Along with turmeric, these two supplements, when taken before meals, will rid the body of toxic effects of "Candida Albicans." (Google: oregano oil candida albicans, or oregano oil parasites)


2.     Turmeric: Take one capsule right before meals three times a day. Turmeric (curcumin) along with Oregano Oil is very effective. (According to the Internet, individuals with catastrophic illness consume upwards of 3 table spoons of Turmeric a day, or more, with milk or juice. The “Candida Die Off,” which may last for about 2 weeks, is the only deterrent, which can be diminished or reduced with large intake of Enzymes, Kefir Milk & Water.) Google: Candida Albicans Die off.


3.    Enzymes (Mega-Zyme Brand): Take one, two, or three tablets before each meal. Helps to digest & cleanse the “Candida Die Off,” and also get rid of toxic elements that are not normally digested. Enzymes help to prevent degenerative disease, keep us youthful, increase our energy, and build up our immune system. Those who are overly infected with "Candida Albicans" may experience "gas or bloating" due to the Candida die off cleansing. Read The Directions On The Bottle, as you may increase the dosage, which will eliminate the symptoms of this “Candida Die Off.” Mega-Zyme Brand is the most effective/according to Internet Sources!  (Google: digestive enzymes)


4.     Omega-3 Fish Oil:   Take one capsule right before meals 3 times a day. The benefits of Omega-3 are immense. Most importantly: 1. Lowers Depression. 2. Decreases Inflammation & Pain. 3. Reduces Joint Stiffness. 4. Lowers Blood Pressure. It is an important catalyst to the other four.


5.     Probiotics & Kefir: If you prefer the convenience of capsules, it is recommended that one take the minimum of 15 billion Ultimate Flora, or higher. One capsule after meals and one at bedtime. Many sources on the Internet claim to have immediate and better results by drinking one swallow a day of one quart of Kefir Cultured Milk. Those experiencing the effects of the “Candida Die Off” claim to find relief after one swallow of Kefir. (Tastes a little stronger than plain yogurt. Sweetened Kefir is acceptable, as the benefits, are great!) Comments on the Internet indicate that people sleep better and have better results when also taken at bedtime. Probiotics are important in that you immediately replenish the good bacteria in your system. (Google: probiotics, or Kefir Milk.)

 “Are you drinking enough water to flush out toxins? (No less than 8 glasses a day!)”

The basic premise is that a high acidic level in the body is the main cause of basically every illness or disease, which also includes all chronic pain, inflammation and autoimmune disease that Science has no cure. We must have a perfect even balance of “acid & alkaline” at 7.0 for a healthy body. Normal cleansing may take about 6 to 8 weeks. Most with "Gastrointestinal Problems" (Crohn's disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and all intestinal and colon problems) claim to see results almost immediately. Those with a catastrophic illness will take the supplements for eight weeks, take 1 or 2 weeks off, and then resume a four to eight week follow-up. It is all up to you. Hopefully, you will have the same positive results that others claim to have attained. All this information is free on the Internet. Please learn to use it!



  “Candida Elimination - Review”


Candida & Cancer Both Thrive On The Following:     

a.     Both thrive in an acidic state or environment.

b.     Both feed on sugars and starches.

c.     Both thrive in an oxygen depleted state.

d.     Both eat healthy red and white cells.

e.     Both attack every part of the body


30 Year Build Up of Candida Albicans:        

The adult large intestine is 30 feet long, and it takes about 30 years of accumulating Candida before it manifests as an illness, or autoimmune disease, or a catastrophic illness. The new doctors’ point out the following: Why is it that individuals with nice trim bodies, that from the age of 30 to 40, start developing a big gut, then later become overweight? Why is it that diets or extreme exercise may help for the short term, but the gut never leaves and eventually they become overweight again? Very simple!

Get rid of Candida Albicans overgrowth!


PH Balance Strips: The First Inportant Step to Measure “acidic & alkaline” levels)    

This simple self-analyzing method is the most kept secret in the Medical Industry. Why? Because once you learn how to use it and apply methods to balance yourself to a 7.0 reading, you may never need to see a Doctor that prescribes expensive drugs again. (It is important to understand that certain drugs are very effective and save lives; but it is equally important to use a probiotic with all drugs, because basically all drugs proliferate acidic conditions. Consult your doctor, as they may refer you to a licensed nutritionist. Most doctors are not licensed to deal with nutrition, or prescribe, or recommend supplements, and vitamins. They are only licensed to prescribe Pharmaceutical Drugs. Check the Internet and present the information to your Health Care Practitioner.)


Simple Diet:  (Read the important “simple diet” again.)   

You must register at 7.0 with the PH Balance Strip in order to prevent a physical breakdown. You must also change the way you eat by self-analysis. At least 60% raw vegetables, 20% lightly cooked vegetable, the rest with protein the size of your hand. Once you balance yourself to 7.0 you can treat yourself to about 10% of other items. According to the Internet, when you completely rid yourself of Candida, you will be able to eat whatever you want in the same manner, as when you were in your 20’s or 30’s.


The Five Supplements:  (Should be taken just as you start your meal, not after.)      

These items are not new! Oregano oil is used in the Mediterranean. India consumes tons and tons of Turmeric per year, followed by other Asian Countries. Enzymes are consumed by the body from live foods. The body cannot live without Omega-3, it is most important for the body, and the eyes. The largest concentration of Omega-3 in the body is in the eyes, yet it is not publicized. Americans, in the past five years have finally realized the importance of Probiotics. European Countries consume the most Kefir in the World. Kefir means “feel good.” Old age is a “myth” according to many new doctors. Get rid of candida and feel young again. The greatest tool for information is the Internet!




Suggested PH-Balance Stripes or the Equivalent


As of this writing, the “LAMOTTE #2912 is the most economical and simple to use. This example is from:  You can shop around at other sources using this suggested example:


LAMOTTE 2912 Test Strip, pH, Range 3 to 10, Pk 200 2912 Test Strip, pH, Range 3 to 10, Pk 200

Saturate with saliva in the mouth for a few seconds. The strip color should closely resemble an area on the color chart. 7.0 is a normal reading. If you are below, or does not change color, you are acidic and may be susceptible to illness & candida infestation. If you are high in the blue, you may be passing “ammonia” in the urine and may be “mineral deficient.” (ex: Place a strip in a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda, it will turn blue.)



None of the products referenced in this article are meant to heal, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. This is all free information for the general public found on the Internet, which may not be scientifically proven or approved by the FDA. It is important to consult with your Doctor or Health Care Practitioner for your individual health needs, as this article is only meant to inform, educate, and entertain.


This article is made available by Peter L. Martinez (Writer, Researcher & Author.)  You are welcome to link to this page from your websites and intranets, or to download it for non-commercial use. It has to remain free to the General Public, as this article is not for sale or commercial use. Editing of this article is strictly prohibited; however, excerpts on different subjects in the article can be used in reviews, interviews, and for educational public use.   Copyright © 2015 Peter L. Martinez   -   Visit:



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